A Beauty Is Never Only About Face

In Frame : Aida Wijaya . Angkor Wat, Cambodia 2019 When we talk about a beauty, most people usually thinks only about the face of someone. However, the more I … Read more

A Suggestion for Beginners In Photography

Lantern Festival, Suryakencana Street, Bogor City 2018 I am not sure there will be anyone asking for my suggestion in making good photos. I didn’t have a “big name” nor … Read more

To Be Happy Is Easy, Or Not?

Fountain Park, Bogor City – 2018 Frankly speaking theoretically, to be happy is easy, really easy. Just take a look at kids when they play. You can see them smile … Read more

We Were Young

Sudirman Street, Bogor – 2017 Unless you died early, then everybody will grow old day by day and reach a day when you have nothing to do but to remember … Read more

The Balinese Dancer

I have a bad habit. I tend to keep useless things around me and don’t easily throw away anything that for other people may be considered as trash. I always … Read more