Don’t Let Your Limitation Stop You

Bicycle Taxi, Jakarta, 2019 Everybody isn’t perfect. They have their own limitation. For example, since I was born and raised in Indonesia, a non English speaking country, I know that … Read more

LPG Distributor In Jakarta

The green tubes like a melon consist of Liquid Petroleum Gas, subsidized ones. The original target and idea was to help poor people changing from kerosene to more cheap and … Read more

Everything Gets Better With Coffee

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Gallery : Jakarta, May 22nd, 2019

Just several pictures taken on May 22nd, the time when the situation in Jakarta were so tense due to demonstration protesting the result of Indonesia President General Election. (Location : … Read more

STARLING – The Mobile Starbucks In Jakarta

Starling is a word that people in Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia, may have been accustomed. However, people from other region or overseas may be confused. You can’t find the … Read more