Enjoy Your Photography Before You Can’t

Enjoy Your Photography Before You Can't
West Gate of Angor Wat, Cambodia, 2019

Are you a photographer or at least a photography enthusiast, like me? Do you want to be success ? Well, most of us, if we can’t say all, have such dream in our life, then that’s why I would suggest you to start enjoy your photography life.

Because, not long after you realize that you dream to be rich, famous, or whatever success you want, then there will be burden everytime you try to shoot with your camera. You will tend to start with a thought about how to satisfy other people, how to get more like, how exchange your photo with money, how people will look at you, and so many other things that are caused by your dream to be success.

So, my dear friend, before all of your dream eats you, enjoy your photography. Feel the fun and joy when you direct your camera to whatever object you think as interesting.

(Bogor, November 29th, 2019)

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