A Small Target In Your Life Is Better Than No Target At All

A Small Target In Your Life Is Better Than No Target At All
In Frame Nandhita Setyaningrum

Do you have any target for your photography life ? You don’t ? It’s a pity, you should have one.

Do I have ? Yes, of course. I do have my own target of thhis hobby of mine. It is “to update this blog everyday with at least a photo a day”.

Very small target, am I right ? I know it sounds useless to have such a tiny target but it’s enough.

I don’t do photography to earn living, it’s just because I enjoyed it a lot capturing photos. However, as I am still a human being, boredom is always my biggest threat because no matter how much fun photography provides, the dull feeling always creeps in my mind and heart. Many times, a question of ” why am I doing this? ” pops up in my mind.

But, when I have I create the target to post at least one a day, there is such an excitement inside me. I know that even with this blog, I still won’t get anything. No fame, no money. Nothing. But, again, it feels like I have a purpose of what I am doing.

The reason for me to keep on hunting and shooting using my old camera. There is purpose because I made a promise which I need to fulfill which is to post a photo and a short story everyday.

I still don’t and may never know the end of this way but at least, I feel like I am in a duty that must be accomplished.

That’s why, if you allow me, I would like to suggest you to decide your own target for your photography life, or anything in your life. You don’t have to think to big, a small target can do well. Because the real purpose of the target is just to keep you feeling purposefully when doing “the things”.

(Bogor, November 28th, 2019)

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