Do You Want To Be A Photographer’s Wife ? Think Again !


Dear Ladies,

I am not sure how big is a chance of a photographer asking you to marry him but since there are more and more photographers in this world, thanks to  digital technology, the chance is getting bigger and bigger day by day.

Therefore, as an amateur photographer, a “colleague” of him or her who is proposing you at this moment, please allow me to give a suggestion. A short one.


Not because of their ability to earn a living as they can earn a fortune using a camera. Don’t worry about that.

The only reason is that you have to think about how much clothes you have to wash everyday.. A photographer is a result oriented person and profession. They will focus on getting a result and put other things aside while they are hunting for photos.

And, do you know, clothes are the least they put their thought on? They won’t care about dust or mud soaked their shirts or pants as long as they can capture the object from , what they think, as best angle. So, trust me they won’t give a bit care how hard it will be for their spouse.

So, this is my only suggestion, think again before it is too late for you.

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