Street Happiness or Happiness On Streets ? It Doesn’t Matter

Street Happiness or Happiness On Streets ? It Doesn't Matter
Sempur Square, Bogor 2017 – Credit : Arya Fatin Krisnansyah

Honestly, I would like to apologize for my poor English. As a non native English speaker, I always have a problem to find a correct term. In this case, I couldn’t decide which term is correct to describe what I want to say, “a street happiness” or a happiness on street”.

Both sound the same to me. However, probably you can help me finding the correct one after you read a little description about what I want to say.

Being a street photographer, I proclaimed myself as, I am always attracted to capture moments of people life on streets. Frankly speaking, I am always attracted to photograph struggle of people, which means people from low society, or in short poor people, are often become the targets of my Canon camera.

I learned it is one of the easiest way to present emotion and invite symphaty from audience. Cliche but it is an effective way to get attention.

However, I understand it is not a correct way to make human interest portraits. Because, a human’s life always consists of sadness, struggle, and also happiness. No people ever feel sad all the time, sometimes, they must experience happiness in any forms during their life.

Anda, I saw happiness a lot on streets I crawled during my photo hunting sessions.

Street Happiness or Happiness On Streets ? It Doesn't Matter
Sempur Square, Bogor 2017 – Photo credit Arya Fatin Krisnansyah

The forms of on street happiness are many but one of my favorite scenes always involve a father and his children activity.

O yeah. I am a father as well. My son is a teenager now. So, I know how happy it is to have time with my only kid. My face always has a broad grin everytime I recall memories with my curly hair son.

And, I saw a lot on streets.

Probably, it is also one other reason I like to walk on weekends because I know lots of father and their sons will be around. Everywhere.

I like to see them having good times, laughing, playing, screaming together. Even, as a photographer, I could feel what they feel, happiness.

Street Happiness or Happiness On Streets ? It Doesn't Matter
Sempur Square, Bogor 2017 – Photo credit Arya FatiN krisnansyah

And, now. I feel the same happiness while typing on my HP low-end notebook. Because, I can show to the world about the happiness captured by Canon 700D camera, the one I shared with my son (as he is also fond of photography).

What makes me happy is not only about the fathers and their kids’  happiness. More than that, because all of the pictures here, in this articles were photographed not by my, but my son. It’s not 100% perfect or correct in term of technique. It’s still far.

However, I am happy because my son seems to also like to record moments of happiness between father and children. This means, what I taught him has been absorbed well by him. Also, because I think he also felt the same thing when he was playing with me while he was a toddler.

Something that I expect later he can transfer to his family, when he has one.

The happiness inside family.

Perhaps, that’s why streets attract me so much, because, besides struggles and sadness, it also provides me with joy and happiness, and also fond memories with my beloved son.

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