Your Children Can Still Be Happy Without Gadgets

Your Children Can Still Be Happy Without Gadgets
Ciliwung River Bogor 2017 – Canon EOS 700D with 55-250 zoom lens

If your children feels unhappy when you ask them to leave their gadget, probably the only party who should take the responsibility for their unhappiness, is you. Yeah… you, their parents.

Don’t blame the producer of smartphones, or even the inventor. They did nothing wrong, In fact they did help our civilization a lot by creating such a powerful tool.

However, as also any other things in this world, gadget or smartphone has both good and evil sides. It’s like two sides of a coin that both sides comes together, inseparable.

Our children’s excessive usage of this tool is created by parents ignorance about the evil side. Most of the times, we forget to put a limit and even neglect the importance of parents’ guidance. Therefore, parents are the solely party who should take the blame when their children become a gadget maniac.

My experience on the street, hunting for photographs of mundane life surrounding us, often presents me some facts that sometimes, being poor is a bless in disguise for children. They would not have something that absorb their attention too much, a smartphone.

Like few kids, on the edge of Ciliwung river, in my hometown Bogor City, that still played normally with their fishing rod. I was not sure if they caught some fishes cause I didn’t see fishes near them. However, I saw smile and laugh from them.

They were happy, and without smartphones. They act like normal kids, playing with their friends and enjoy their childhood.

There is no reason that our children can’t copy them. With a condition, that we, their parents at least take the smartphones out of their reach, at least for some time. Unfortunately, often, we are also absorbed by our own handphones and forget to remind our pupils that there are many other ways to find happiness.

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