Policewoman Doing Selfie Should Not Cause Worry to Anyone

Policewoman Doing Selfie Should Not Cause Worry to Anyone
Bogor Car Free Day 2018

The above photo was captured by my son when he, and his friend went to Car Free Day with our Canon 700D. It is quite unique and I must credit him for his sharp eyes to catch the moment, and of course for his ability to find two beautiful young policewoman.

The photo reminded me about what Indonesia’s Police Corps’ Chiefe who recently told his worry about the habit of policewoman doing selfie. His concern was based on the facts more and more young policewomen to capture the picture of themselves and upload them to their social media account.

Well, I can understand about his concern. As a number one person in the corps, he should be worried that’s his duty. He should be worried that the activities may affect the performance of his men/women in doing their job properly.

It is understandable.

However, this time, I believe, he is worried too much. Selfie among Indonesian policewomen is still within tolerance level. There has been no news that it has given bad impact to how the ladies do their duty. How they do selfie is also still normal and not provocative , it is still far awal from what a Chinese policewoman did when she captured herself in upper uniform but without pants.

Still normal.

Besides, what our young policewomen do may give bad impact to the corps. People always enjoys beauty and there are many pretty faces in Indonesia Police Corps, especially from the young generations. Their response are more positive than negative. On the field, it is easy to find Indonesian people asks the ladies to do we-foe together with them.

The activity make the relation between the protector and the protected getting close. The big gap that was used to be there gradually are narrowed down. This is a good sign.

That’s why I don’t think there is something wrong with this policewoman new habit of doing selfie. It shows human side of policemen or women. People don’t need police who always have stern looks everytime, they want also police who can be friends.

Even though, if I am asked to do selfie with a young and cute policewoman, I will still refuse. It has no relation with my opinion. It has a relation to a fact that my wife will surely frown and call me flirty If I do that.

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