Traffic Jam Doesn’t Always Mean Bad It Can Mean Also An Opportunity

Traffic jam is two words that will make road users immediately feel stressed and annoyed. Most of them will start immediately grumbling and accusing government for not doing their job properly.

Traffic jam can also mean that we will hear another long yet cliche speech about how important discipline is for the progress of our career. Those words also can mean some people may have their wage or benefit cut as they can not meet the min requirement of performance stipulated by the employer.

Those two words are frightening many people and can cause them decide to break laws, just to make sure they are able to immediately escape or avoid the situation.

However, some people are wont afraid of those two words, even they expect and may pray that everyday is full with traffic jams.

For them, traffic jam can mean people have to spend some time sitting uselessly inside their cars. traffic jam can mean many people will feel hungry. Traffic jam can mean an opportunity to make sales and gain profit, or at least to earn a living.

I am not sure what Guava seller thought when I pushed the shutter release button on the roadside of Soleh Iskandar Road, Bogor City, Indonesia. Perhaps, they think like that, but there is also probability that they didn’t think anything.

  • Location : Bogor City, West Java, Indonesia
  • Year : 2017
  • Camera : Canon EOS 700D
  • F-Stop : f/8
  • Focal :Length : 55 mm
  • Shutter Speed :  1/160 second
  • ISO : 100

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