How Smartphone Changes My Shopping Life

How Smartphone Changes My Shopping Life

I don’t like shopping. Tiring and it drains my wallet so fast. It can make my monthly salary reaches critical level too early and cause headache.

Many times, I am faced with difficult condition because my wife, of course a woman, likes it a lot. It is quite often that I am in a situation that going for shopping is the only choice to do, unless I want to see grumpy face of my wife for whole week, something that I don’t want to experience.

Thank God to a person who invented a smartphone.

Since every smartphone has a camera inside, then, my shopping life changes a lot.

It doesn’t mean I have become a shopping addict. Far from that because I am still a shopping hater. it still cause my wallet empty. However, it makes shopping is no longer like a torture for me.

Since I am a photography enthusiast, a photographer, the smartphone camera allows me to do my hobby while going to shopping malls or even traditional markets. I can travel inside trying to look for something to shoot with the camera.

By doing this, at least, I can accompany my wife going for shopping with a lighter heart and do not grumble all the time. She can still go buying something that sometimes I don’t know its function and feel her husband in her company. At the same time, I am still able to do what I like, even in limited space of a mall.

That’s how smartphone changes my shopping life.

  • Location : Giant Hypermarket, Bogor City, West Jawa, Indonesia.
  • Year : 2015
  • Camera : An Xperia M camera (smartphone)
  • Editting : Picasa

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