Hope, Facts, Possibility, Action

Chital, the white spotted deer in Bogor Palace, 2017

Hope / Expectation : 

I am hoping that the Covid-19 outbreak reaches the end immediately. I  am longing to be back to normal life, going to my office, doing street photo huntings, and many boring things I do daily before the outbreak.

Many other people definitely have the same hope too.

After more than a month following the government instruction to stay at home, now all activities that looked so boring before looks attractive than just watching TV or playing with gadget.

Reality/Facts :

Social movement control orders doesn’t seem to run well.

People still do their activities like nothing serious happen. People are still neglecting the instruction to wear masks or doing social/physical distancing.

The government  still looks edgy, nervous, and uncertain how to curb the spread of the virus.

The number of victims fallen because of the Corona raises day by day.

Possibility :

The government predicts that by July, the graphic of infected people will be stable and the outbreak will last by the end of the year.

This means within 90 days, they expect to be able to control the situation and finish it 120 days later.

Hope, Facts, Possibility, Action
Chital, axis axis in Bogor Palace , 2017

Action :

I chose to keep my camera in its bag and don’t even think to prepare it. No plan to do something except my Work From Home activities or go somewhere has been made.

I am just preparing myself to face the more difficult situation coming within next few months.

Seeing the carelessness of Indonesians during the Covid-19 outbreak and too many loose knot in action taken by the government, I think the prediction looks like too optimistic.

The undisciplined Indonesia makes me thinking that communist strict system, like China or Vietnam, is more suitable for this country than democracy.

So, no actions I will take or prepare. There is no use.

Bogor, April 24th, 2020

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