Good Food Good Mood Or Good Mood Good Food?

Seniman Stories, Bogor City, 2018

Some, or many people may think if you take enough good food, they may have good mood. At least, it’s what one coffee shop in my hometown promoted.

It can be right, I experience the situation many times after having good meal with my family. I am happy and my mood is better.

I don’t deny.

However, I also experienced the situation where my good mood made my meal taste better and delicious. Like when I received a news that my son got good ranking in his school, my cheap lunch tasted like I ate a 5 Michelin starred restaurant meal.

So, I think both are correct depending on the situation.

Bogor, April 26th, 2020, the 36th day of my Work From Home period when boredom has become my friend.

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