Fishing In Dirty Water – What Can You Get ?

Fishing In Dirty Water - What Can You Get ?

I am not sure. I am not a fisher and honestly hate this activity. I don’t like for being idle and sitting without doing nothing and just waiting for something to come. Therefore, It is quite a difficult question to find an answer for one view I captured on the edge of Ciliwung river streaming through my hometown.

There were few people sitting on the riverside with their fishing road. It looked normal as everybody should have a hobby. But, big BUT, Ciliwung River is one of the heavily polluted waterfront in Indonesia,

The water is brown. Waste from household, plastic, and even couch sometimes can be found on its water. In short, it is so dirty. So, the question popped out on my mind was “What can we get for fishing in dirty water?”

I realized that a few of fish species can live in such severe condition, like cat fish or cattle fish. They are known to be the toughest species that can endure to live in heaviliy polluted water. But, is it sufficient?

I didn’t know and still don’t until know. Perhaps you can help me finding the answe. Or, probably, it is just simply because they were wasting their spare time, just like me taking photographs of them, or is it possible if they targetted old shoes or clothes?

Too many answer raised.

(Bogor, one day at Ciliwung Riverside)

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