Expect The Unexpected

Expect The Unexpected

Having been a street photograhy enthusiast for more than three years and crawling many streets in my hometown or other cities, I learned to expect the unexpected to come.

The nature of street photography itself, which relies on nothing but only your eyes to find a “good” moment to capture and how quick you react, provides me with only very short time to check detail.

That’s why I must prepare myself to be disappointed after shutter release buttong was pushed, or happy, or even laugh. Many times, the results are far away from the idea on my mind, and it can be caused by anything. It’s not also seldom, that the photos taken are even better than what I thought.

That’s why street photography attracts me a lot, because I can only expect the unexpected. That is the challenge.

Last, Saturday, when I was walking on Ciliwung Riverside in my hometown, seeing how people live there, I noticed three kids playing on the receding river. They looked like fishing. I was not sure if there are fished living under the brown and polluted water but the action of the kids would be a perfect object for my Canon 700D.

I took several shots and from the LCD, everything looks good and perfect. The photos should be also perfect if I want later make editted versions (with Picasa or Photoscape).

When I closely looked after arriving at home, I suddenly laughed. The photos are still good for me and even, it can be more attractive to audience and causing curiosity. The reason is that there is an additional object, unwanted and unexpected. I never realized that there was the 4th kid behind, around 20 meters.

For me, the photos became more accurate with the unexpected object. They become more realistic and representing the actual situation of living on riverside. I laughed, and am happy.

Can you find what the 4th kid (in the above photo only three are shown including the 4th kid)? If not, I have put a red square as your guidance.

  • Location : Ciliwung River, Bogor, West, Java, Indonesia
  • Year : 2017
  • Camera : Canon EOS 700D with 55-250 mm Lens
  • F-Stops : f/5.6
  • Shutter Speed : 1/250 secod
  • ISO : 100
  • Focal Length : 179 MM

(If you still can not find or understand why I laugh, you can just ask me by leaving a message in comment box)

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