Don’t Worry About Your Weight, You’re Perfect

Don't Worry About Your Weight, You're Perfect
Bogor Botanical Gardens – 2017

You always say to me that you are worried about your body. You regularly have a concern about kilograms you gained year by year. You can’t stop saying that your shape has been getting wider and wider.

You always mention how you would like to take a diet program to reduce your weight and make your body shape a bit more slimmer.

But, my dear wife, please don’t worry about your weight. To me, you are perfect. You are still the same as the girl I married to 17 years ago.

There is no change. I still look at you the same as when I first met you.

We have been sharing everything, bad or good things, happiness or sadness, together. You and I always provide our shoulder to cry on for each other.

If only I could weigh the happiness I gained during the years, I would show you that the happiness you gave to me was incomparable with few kilograms your body gained. Trust me.

So, please don’t worry about your weight, you’re perfect for me.

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