Don’t Have To Go To Cybertron Just To Meet Transformers

Don't Have To Go To Cybertron Just To Meet Transformers

I assure you. We don’t have to go to Cybertron just to meet Transformers. Definitely, if the only reason for you to meet one of them, then we can do it somewhere else.

It won’t be cheap. I am not sure also there is an airline having a flight route to the planet. It will take also too much time, we can already be grandparents even before arriving there.

Trust me. It will be a very painful trip if we go there.

If you want only meet face to face with at least one of them, then there is a cheaper way and nearer than Cybertron.

Just take a look at the picture. I didn’t capture it in the planet as I didn’t have enough money to buy to a ticket. The picture of a transformer hiding behind a tree was captured on earth.

So, just go there, the place where the picture was taken. They will be easy to spot although they may try to hide behind trees but leaves can’t hide their bulky body. They are also not dangerous like Megatron, as I am sure they can’t move for even an inch.

I will give a clue about the location. It was Eco Art Park, Bogor City, West Java, Indonesia. I guarantee that you will find a transformer there but don’t ask me his/her name (not sure if transformer have a gender). He/she didn’t answer me.

Location : Eco Art Park, Bogor City, West Java, Indonesia
Year : 2016
Camera : Fujifilm Finepix HS 35EXR
F-stop : F/3.6
Focal Length : 10 mm
Shutter Speed : 1/200 second
ISO : 400
Editing : Picasa and Photoscape

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