Don’t Forget To Bring An Umbrella

Don't Forget To Bring An Umbrella
Suryakenca Street, Bogor 2018 – Selective Color Photo

I live in a city named Bogor. You may have never heard the name before. It’s a city, a medium size one, in West Java, Indonesia. The city is not too far from the Capital of Indonesia, Jakarta and located around 60 Kilometers to Southern direction.

The city rains a lot every year, more than any other cities in the country. That’s why its nickname is the Rain City of Indonesia. Rain drops more than 2/3 of the year and it doesn’t matter dry or wet season waters often pour from the sky suddenly.

That’s why the citizen of Bogor, I called it Bogorians, have a habit to bring an umbrella when they leave home. This is as a precaution in case the weather suddenly changes from bright shiny to dull rainy.

However, last month, when I came to the Bogor Lantern Festival on the 15th day of Chinese Calendar, the Cap Go Meh Festival, I saw that some persons forget about the small thing, their umbrella.

Well, the consequence was that they became wet.

So, this is just a suggestion from me, the Bogorian, that never ever forget to bring an umbrella while traveling. It is one of small things needed everywhere, not only in my city, but also in other places. It can avoid you from catching cold due to rain and in dry season, it can be the best cover from sunshine and avoid sunburn.

How about me? Well. I am a photographer. It left me with difficult decision to make. I couldn’t take a picture while my hand was gripping an umbrella. It was too troublesome to direct my lens to the object, especially, the moving one. Therefore, consciously, I left mine at home. My duty as a photographer sometimes needed a sacrifice.

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