Do You Want Your Photo Nice? Don’t Instruct Your Photographer What To Do

Do You Want Your Photo Nice? Don't Instruct Your Photographer What To Do

Everybody wants to look good in a photo. Many of them decide t hire a photographer to make sure the photos look nice and stun family, friends, or lovers.

Because, they know that the skill of the photographers raises the possibility to make them look beautiful in the photo.

Unfortunately, many of them made the same mistakes and decrease that posibility.

They instruct the photographer too much.

Yes, of course, as a buyer of their service , they can transfer their idea about how they want to be in the photo but many cross the line by keep instructing the photographer to do this and that.

This attitude annoys and likely to disturb the photographer doing their job.

They are hired because of their skill in taking picture which you don’t have. By giving them too many instruction, it is a kind of ironic, someone who has no skill try to teach the skillful one.

That’s stupid.

Furthermore, it creates annoyance to the photographer. Like or not, a photographer is still a human who has feeling and they can feel irritated by having to receive directions or instructions from persons who may know nothing about how to get good pictures.

This will later affect the result as the feeling of the photographer is shown onto the photos.

More annoyed they are, the worse the photos.

I experienced this when I went to Cambodia for company gathering. My friends asked me to take pictures of them but they did give me too many instruction during the photoshoot. What made it worst, one of them taught me about how to capture photos should be.

As a result, none of the photos look good in my eyes. I was cranky when seeing through my viewfinder. There was no longer happiness like I used to have when taking a picture.

On contrary, when I asked my other friend to be my model, the photo looks good and nice because she didn’t even say a word. She let me do what I am skilled to do and allow me to express myself and enjoying my time with the camera.

She made me feel good and as the result , most of her photos were also good.

That’s why, unless you have better skill of photography, don’t instruct your photographer. Just give them your idea .

After that, let them work. Nevertheless, they know better how to make a good photo than you do.

Location : Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Year : 2019
In Frame : Aida Wijaya

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