Do You Want To Inspire People ? Don’t Try To Inspire Them

Do You Want To Inspire People ? Son't Try To Inspire Them

In digital era like todays where everybody has internet connection on their hand, I found it that people are always trying to inspire others in their own way.

Some use social media, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or any other socmed. Some others transform themselves to become a motivator.

Everybody tries to brand themselves as people who will bring change to the world.

Everybody tries to be a muse for the others.

And, it feels so boring.

I never feel inspired when I saw a motivator show in TV and has decided to keep distance with clips made by a person who acclaimed themselves as influencer or motivator.

I am fed up of such content these days.

I always feel like being in a classroom seeing a teacher trying to tell how life should be. It’s like in a mosque listening to an “ustadz” (Islamic) preacher/guru) who tells me how to reach heaven.

It makes me sleepy yet annoyed.

This kind of things make me feel more like stupid people who doesn’t know how to live my life. A failed person who can even find his own way of living.

Boring and annoyed.

Unfortunately, many seem always try to get other people to follow their way of living, to inspire how the life should be.

It is suck.

But, it doesn’t mean I can not be inspired. During my daily life, it’s often someone or something inspires me easily.

An unknown person takes spare his/her time taking a waste left on the table of a restaurant/cafe. A kid’s smile tell me that life is a beautiful and nice journey you should enjoy. A mommy feeds her baby reminds me about the love.

I don’t think they do it because they want to inspire others. They do the acts just because they have to do that or because it’s their way of living.

It feels more pure and not artificially made. The actors don’t try to brand themselves as inspirators but as human.

It inspires me more than seeing a person inside his religious clothes bursting a 1000 words on TV.

That’s why I learn that when you want to inspire others, just do what you usually do have to do. Do not try too hard to show yourself as an inspirator.

It won’t work. You will find your words are full with bullshit than inspiring motivational content. It will create annoyed people.

Don’t imitate what I am doing by writing this posting that trying to tell people not to try to inspire people too hard.

(Photo : a toy and mask seller during Bogor CGM Street Festival 2018)

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