Consistency Is Easier Said Than Done

Consistency Is Easier Said Than Done
Angkor Wat 2019. In frame Aida Wijaya

I promised to myself within this month to post one photo a day. The promise was made to build a consistent flow to keep this blog alive. I was quite confident to be able to do this without problem considering just a photo with not too many words. I could just use photos from my inventory.

It should be an easy task to do.

But I failed.

I skipped once already, yesterday, the Sunday. Not because I was too lazy but in fact I was a good person, a caring person. When my wife asked me to go to one of her realtives, I nodded my head and drove her.

It took 5 hours before finally we were back home. Still plenty time to do just a small job.

But, again, my old friends asked for my help to edit their photos in preparation for 30 years reunion.

Just taking few moments to complete that simple job. Unfortunately, I remembered there was one other task to do, still for the reunion, which was to prepare a slideshow using old photos.

Finally, the taks abosrbed my and my time. I just finished the slideshow at 24.00.

Too tired to do anything else, I slept.

I broke the stream. I broke my promise.

I knew nobody care if I skipped one day ot even the whole month. But, I do care. I want to be a consistent blogger for this blog and I failed.

The experience remind me about something that I knew already that “consistenti is easier said than done”.

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