Cleaning Service Officers on Duty - Bogor-Jakarta Commuter Train

Cleaning Service Officers on Duty : Indonesia Commuter Train

(The picture shows a cleaning service officer on duty inside Bogor-Jakarta commuter train taken on November 11th, 2022)

Many people may think that commuter trains are only cleaned once a day, in train depot when their schedule is finished. An assumption that is not correct.

Indonesia commuter train get cleaned many times a day. There will be a team of cleaning service officers ready on each train. Whenever a train arrives at a station before its final station and end the trip, the team starts to work.

A team usually consists of 3 persons. One will bring a broom to sweep anything from its floor. Another brings tube with cleaning fluid.

They will continue to work until all cars clean and ready for the next schedule of departure.

Each train trip will be accompanied by a cleaning service team that will make sure the cleanliness inside the train during the trip.

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