Cleaning Leaves of Decorative Plants – Showing Your Commitment

Cleaning Leaves of Decorative Plants - Showing Your Commitment

A commitment is something that can mean that you are willing to do very small things and sometimes silly just to make sure your duty fulfilled. Am I right?

Perhaps, it is the interpretation that Indonesia commuter train company believe. Really a good one.

This picture taken in Bogor Station, West Java probably is one of the best example of the commitment.

The company has promised that they will be more passengers friendly and it has been proved in many ways, indeed. One of them is to keep their passengers feel convenient. They put many decorative plants, in pots, in all of stations under their administration.

However, putting them in open area can mean also let dust and other dirt attached to the plants. For sure it will make the plants become dirty and unsightly.

Therefore, they assign their janitor with one additional task, something unusual. It is to clean the leaves of the decorative plants periodically.

The janitor brings a bucket of water and a brush. Then, he/she cleans one by one the plant leaves.

This is quite unusual but it should show you how far the interpretation of “a commitment” of the train company.

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