Those Bali’s Puppets Look Like Wearing Javanese Traditional Costume

I understand that a culture will influence other cultures. The interaction among people can not be stopped  and each of them bring their own habit inherited from the culture where they live in. Everyone usually will also, consciously or unconsciously try to lure other to … Read more

One Bad Habit a Photography Enthusiast Usually Has

Rangda – The symbol og eveil in Barong Dance Show, Bali It is quite true. Very trua actually. A camera brings one bad habit, especially for anyone who decides to include themselves into photography enhtusiast category. The bad habit is that they can’t enjoy anything … Read more

Photography Is For Everybody

Despite of what many people believe that photography is just for the ones who learn it for artistic purpose, I do believe that photography is for everybody. Anyone who can use a camera deserves to have a title of “photographer” attached to them. Definitely. Photography … Read more

How Smartphone Changes My Shopping Life

I don’t like shopping. Tiring and it drains my wallet so fast. It can make my monthly salary reaches critical level too early and cause headache. Many times, I am faced with difficult condition because my wife, of course a woman, likes it a lot. … Read more