BENTOR : When the Old and Current Got Married

Becak has been one of transportation means for long time ago. It was known to have been in Indonesia since early 1900’s. Its existence is near the end as many cities in the archipelagos have started to erase becak from the list of transportation, even though in some others becak still exists.

One of the replacements, is motorcycle. This vehicle is ranking number one in the list of the most used vehicle in Indonesia. Hundred million of motorcycles are registered and every year more than 6 million new ones are sold.

Motorcycle can be said, the current king of Indonesian streets.

But, in some area in Indonesia, like in Medan, North Sumatera, or cities in Lampung, there is another type of transportation. It combines both into one new vehicle called BENTOR. The picture of it can be seen in this writing.

The cabin uses becak body but the backside, it’s no longer using pedaling system like a bicycle. It uses the body of a motorcycle with removed front tire part .

You can say, BENTOR is the result of marriage between Old (Becak) and Current (Motorcycle).