setu gede the biggest lake in Bogor City 3

Setu Gede : the Biggest Lake in Bogor City

The pictures in this writing shows Setu Gede, the biggest lake in the City of Bogor. Its size is around 4 hectares and located in west district of the city. Yes, only 4 hectares but it’s the biggest water reservoir in the city because the … Read more

Horse Riders On Mount Bromo Anda Dieng Plateau

Except on several specific regions in Indonesia that has meadow, horse riding is not common in Indonesia. Even though, horses are still used for transportation nowadays but the animal is used to drag a cart. However, in in Mount Bromo and Dieng Plateau, East Java, … Read more

The View of Tanjung Benoa Port

Tanjung Benoa port is a port used mainly for cruise vessel and tourists only. From this port, tourists will be carried on luxurious boat to several surrounding smaller islands, such as Nusa Lembongan. It has a great view as also other beaches in the Bali … Read more


Quiet Nusa Dua Beach

For sure the Nusa Dua Beach, one of the loveliest beach in Bali, the Island of God was not as quiet as the above picture showed. People staying in the nearest hotels or hostels often visited the beach to see sunrise or sunset or just … Read more