Jakarta (1) – What I Did on a Taxi Ride

Many things people do whenever they are on a taxi ride. I have my own.

Not too different from what other “digital” people do, which is playing with their gadget, I do too. But, rather than scrolling my thumb to look something on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, I prefer to capture whatever I consider interesting with my smartphone.

Like, a year ago when I was inside a taxi to my office after a meeting, I photographed the activities on Sudirman Street, Jakarta.

People may raise their eye brows but, honestly, this type of activities made me refresh and excited me. I never think capturing of mundane moments like this as useless.

I know for sure that the photo that I took, which may not be beautiful, consist of something that may be valuable after many years. At least, I can give them a little view of how life in the early of 21th century in one corner of a country named Indonesia.

The photos were taken in August 2022