Can You Extract Beauty Out From Something You Hate ?

Can You Extract Beauty From Something You Hate ?
Rembang Beach, Cetral Java, 2018

Being a photographer, like or not, puts you in a category of people who is related with beauty. In any case, a person with this profession or hobby are “almost”, always expected to show society how beautiful the life is.
That’s the expectation and duty on a photographer’s shoulder.

The problem is, in reality, we don’t only face to an ideal situation. The world is not only full of prettiness, fabulous things, but also full of ugly and bad things that for sure are hated by most of people, including photographers.

It’s often a photographer has to deal with a difficult condition such as how to extract a beauty out of something they actually hate a lot. It’s never an easy job to do and never be.

And, to be a photographer living in a developing countries, such as Indonesia where you see such “bad and ugly” thing daily, or even hourly, is never easy. 

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