Blogopix Changing Direction – Again And Again

Bogor Lantern Festival - The Kiddo Wants To Exchange Shoes With  A Police
Bogor Lantern Festival (CGM Bogor Street Festival, 2019

It’s been almost two years since Blogopix was born. It used to be the place for me to share what have been captured by my Canon 700D. I stocked “too many” photographs which was actually to support my blogs network, the Lovely Bogor Network.

Unfortunately, it seems I was too greedy.

As an Adsense Publisher, I would like also this site to bring me some income and that was the reason I chose a magazine template for this blog. It was easier to manage in terms of ads placing and provide better result than a “personal blog template”.

Unfortunately, that was my mistake.

Yeah.. I realized that it was a big mistake.

Not too long after that, I stopped visiting this blog and even sometimes, there was a reluctant feeling to see my own blog for which I spent some moneys to rent a domain.

I felt a burden inside me. The feel like the one I face everyday when I lleave home for office. Yeah, sorry for anyone who says that we must love our job because after working for more than 25 years, the boring feeling won’t move away so easily.

The only escape for me from such a boredom are photography and blogging. I love these two activities and dreaming that someday, I can retire and rely on the income from my blogs.

It seemed, I dreamed too much and dream too much that I saw all blogs as money producers, a cattle. I changed Blogopix from just a blog to a personal media expecting some money will come.

Money still came even though I didn’t post so often here. Some people still hit the Adsense ads here. I obtained what I wanted, money. Not plenty but more than enough to pay yearly fee for this domain  (several couples time).

However, I must admit.

I made a mistake.

By changing this blog and another one (in Indonesian), I lost my place to do what I loved to do, writing and sharing photos. I lost my release valve from my tedium. I have no hideaway.

This result on my reluctance to make posting on this blog.

Just, a few days ago, when I made another blog, just a blog using a blogspot/blogger and utilizing old template, I realized that I missed several kinds of activities, like writing or making photos without thinking about money and money.

I missed to do something for the sake of feeling a joy to do it. Not for any other reason.

Therefore, today, I decided to set all back to the starting point, a blog. I change the layout and just use the old “Simple” template of Blogger and for the moment, I put down ads from this blog.

Perhaps, I may reinstall them in future but not today. I need this blog to do something important for me i.e. to bring me some joy only.

I still earn some from my other blogs, so there is no worry. Besides, I still have my daily job as a merchandiser on one garment trading company in Jakarta that pays me enough for me and my family.

I want to be a blogger first , here, for, say, 1-2 years before I can decide what direction I must choose for this Blogopix.

So, welcome to the new and , at the same time, old Blogopix.

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