Being Commuters Are Tiring, Be A Clever One

Being Commuters Are Tiring, Be A Clever One
Gondangdia Station 2018

Honestly, being commuters are tiring. Really tiring. Especially if you have to travel between Bogor and Jakarta everyday. It takes around 1.5-2 hours a trip and everyday you have to make 2 trip.

Getting worst because commuter train service between two cities are never empty and seats are limited. You should never expect to get a seat if you are no Gladstone Gander who never runs out of good luck. You must be ready to stand all the way to your office or when you head back to your home. Besides, you are not allowed to take a seat on train floor.

So, you prepare yourselves to face a tough day, everyday, at least 5 days a week.

One of the things suggested is to save your energy when you can. This means before you breach a wall of passengers inside the train. You must be clever not to waste your energy.

And, one of them seems really clever. He even didn’t want to spend his energy while waiting the train. Clever. It’s not prohibited to take a sit on the station floor.

At least, he could save some of left energy for unimportant thing.

How about me? Well, honestly I am not clever enough. Rather than following his gesture, I decided to make myself busy with my old smartphone to take some pictures for my blogs. One of them was the one you see in this posting.

Lucky enough, I have been a veteran commuter. After more than 20 years using commuter trains, I am quite strong to stand all the way back to my comfortable home.

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