Be Grateful For What You Have

Rice Field Terrace, Mount Salak, 2016

“Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining – it bores everybody else, does you no good, and doesn’t solve any problems ~ Zig Ziglar”

The world during Covid-19 pandemic is full of misery in all aspects of life. People suffers due to many reasons, from being infected by the disease, losing their job and income, up to loss their freedom as many countries have applied lockdown policy to curb the outbreak.
However, I really think that there is no other perfect time than now to be grateful for what we have.At least, I am still alive. This may look simplifying anything but to me, this can mean that I still have a chance to do something in future when the Corona disappears from this world, or when the vaccine is found.
Yeah, it doesn’t mean the life will be easy. it will be definitely hard in future considering the impact on many aspects of mankind’s life but as long as I still breathe, then there is still a hope .
It may not be enough for Audrey Whitlock and her compatriots but it’s enough for me. As long as there is enough food, water, electricity, and internet, I can survive through this difficult situation and will be ready to face the future.
Losing my freedom to move is a blow for me as well but I can stand, especially because I think everybody must sacrifice something to help to curb the virus spread. I am ready to sacrifice my movement freedom to contribute to the efforts.
Besides, if I whine, it won’t help anything. It won’t curb the outbreak nor it will help me and my family. So, why should I whine. Zig Ziglar is so correct about whining won’t help anyone or solve anything.
That’s why at this year of bleak and sorrow, I must be grateful for anything that I still own, my family, food, internet, my salary to pay the bill, etc.
No complaint.
Bogor, April 30th, 2020

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