Are Most Indonesians Color Blind?

Are Most Indonesians Color Blind?
Wahid Hasyim Street Traffic Light

Honestly, I am not mocking Indonesians. As I am Indonesian since I was born 47 years ago. My mother and father are also Indonesians. However, I can’t help to have a guess that most Indonesians are color blind.

They may suffer a kind of disease that make them unable to recognize some specific colors.

This guess was based on what I look on many streets in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Many road users seemed to me to fail to follow a simple instruction which was already taught since they were in kindergarten.

Absolutely, they should have learned three specific colors while they ride, i.e.

  • – Green : You can go
  • – Yellow : Slow down and be careful
  • – Red : Stop

Those color symbol are common, not only in Indonesia, but also worldwide. It is quite difficult to understand why they often interpret the colors becoming :

  • – Green : You can go
  • – Yellow : Press the accelerator as hard as you can, there is still 1-2 second
  • – Red : Just go, but please be careful of police officers

Many motorcyclist and also driver also failed to meet the requirement to stop behind the white bar on traffic light. It looks likely, they can’t not see also white color.

Based on this, I assumed many, if not most, Indonesian are color blind. It can be temporary when they are on streets.

Or, perhaps, they have another kind of disease, it may not be color blindness. What do you think? Another option is a bad mentality?

Which one do you think most likely?

  • Location : Wahid Hasyim Street, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Year : 2017
  • Camera : Asus T00N (Smartphone)
  • F-Stop : F/2
  • Focal Length : 4 mm
  • Shutter Speed : 1 second
  • ISO : 200

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