Having been a photography enthusiast for several years, I have been blessed with more than 10 thousands photos. Thanks to my happy trigger finger that could not stop pushing the shutter release button of my cheap cameras (now Canon 700D, an APSC DSLR but previously I used FujifilmFinepix HS35EXR or a smartphone only), I captured many moments that I considered as attractive (at least for me).

Most of the pictures don’t look like pro photos taken based on theories but merely common and mundane pictures similar to billions of pictures spread by similar persons on Flickr or other photo sharing websites.

However, despite of knowing my not quite good skill in capturing moment, I think that the photos may still be useable by other people, like bloggers or writers. That’s why I make this blog.

I really think that it is better to share with others, no matter how bad the photos are. At least, they don’t only occupy uselessly the hard disk of my notebook. They may do some functions such as showing the world, or anyone who come by to this blog, places, people, actions, that exists in one corner in this earth. Surely, they still can tell something and provide a bit knowledge to who see them.

With this idea on my mind, iIalso decided to put some description about the location where the photos were captured and probably with some details explaining how they were recorded. All photos will be shown at the size of 640×480 pixel but if you click it, it will be resized to 900×600 which surely is workable for website usage. I don’t make it larger as it will slow down loading process of the page and it consumes too much your bandwidth.

All of the photos are mine (even some of them were taken by my son as we are in the same family). No photos were taken from free photos websites. This blog is all about my work (or my son’s work, or my wife’s). None will be others’.

That’s all folk. Enjoy your ride in BlogoPix.

Anton Ardyanto