A Sweet Small Distraction From Dullness Can Cheer Up Your Day

At the beginning, visiting the famous Angkor Wat, the Capital Temple in Cambodia was so overwhelming and exciting. Seeing one World Heritage by your own eyes caused my heart beating a bit faster than usual.

I couldn’t stop shake my head for in amazement with what I saw.

But, only for almost one hour.

After that, the boredom crept into my heart and head. The voice of my tour guide started to disappear as it never reached my ears anymore.

Everywhere was only, grey, old brick , and green. Boring colors.

Perhaps, I am just a city guy who doesn’t belong to quiet situation.

Luckily, as a photographer, even though a very amateur one, my eyes could scan “like a radar” for any interesting yet distinctive detail and find a little distraction, a sweet one, that finally lightened up my heart and lifted the boring feeling in me.

Although, after that, I didn’t hear anything from my tour guide and in fact, I didn’t know where he was. I was too busy to find more “sweet little distraction” with my camera.

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