A Suggestion for Beginners In Photography

A Suggestion for Beginners In Photography
Lantern Festival, Suryakencana Street, Bogor City 2018

I am not sure there will be anyone asking for my suggestion in making good photos. I didn’t have a “big name” nor also a professional. Even, I categorized myself as a newbie in photography world.

Having just jumped into this world, accidentally, as my blogs need to have actual photos, I self-taught myself how to capture moments with cameras basing on tutorials provided by internet. I started with a smartphone of mine at that time, an Xperia M, low-end smartphone but immediately decided to switch to a bridge camera, Fujifilm Finepix HS35EXR. Only after two years with the prosumer, I was able to buy an APSC DSLR, Canon EOS 700D with two lenses, the kit lenses 18-55 mm and zoom lens 55-250 mm, also a low end one.

So, probably I should not consider myself as eligible to give anyone an advice.

However, I dare myself to give anyone who would like to learn photography a little advice. Just a very small thing that no one may get it from advanced photographers, or professional ones. Because, I think it is very important and may be the basis for anyone’s progress.

The only suggestion I would like to give is “Forget about money and fame when you start your journey in photography world”.

Yes, it is my suggestion.

Many of beginners jumped into photography world because they are inspired by more famous photographers. The names like Henri Cartier Bresson, Bruce Gilden, or Erik Kim are often mentioned as the muses.

Beginners often immediately dream that they can copy the success and be famous as well, and eventually, they can earn a living with their camera.

Honestly, thinking that way may immediately give beginners a big burden. They push themselves too hard to practice and to follow all guidance and tutorials given by the successful photographers.

I don’t think it is a wise thing to do when you start something. Too much burden mean you can not run fast. Nobody can run as Usain Bolt, especially with 100 kilograms on their back.

For beginners, the best thing is to enjoy photography itself, the excitement of capturing moments and making photographs, and to make mistakes. Definitely, beginners make mistakes and proffesional photographers still make mistakes too.

By giving ourselves too much burden, we can’t enjoy anything and if we don’t enjoy it, then there will be no passion born. Without passion, the journey in the world will be a short one and it doesn’t match with what successful photographers have experienced. They became famous because they have traveled their long journey.

Years they spent to learn and to master their camera, predicting moment, exploring ideas, and so many others. It is a long journey and nobody can endure it without passion in their heart.

Therefore, the most important thing beginners must learn to become a good/decent photographer is by put aside their ambition, their dream about being famous and about the idea of making money with their camera.

Beginner must keep their heart light with very minimum burden.

This is to make sure that they can move forward at the early stage.

I know this suggestion sounds silly and stupid but that makes me enjoying the world and it lets me advanced a bit more. I believe I have become a better photographer compared to 4 years ago. That’s because, I immediately realized that I shouldn’t dream too much and give myself too much burden.

This is a suggestion I would like to convey to all beginners in photography world.

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