A Playing Flute Little Angel Statue Brings Me A Job

The playing flute little angel statue brings me a job

The statue is not a famous one. Even, almost noone in my hometown, Bogor City, knows if there is such statue. So, do not try to search the info about it in Google. There won’t be any information available.

It’s actually just a decoration for a small public garden in a newly built housing complex. For sure, it was made with tight budget on the mind of the creator.

The picture was also taken not using any expensive and full featured camera. Neither DSLR nor mirrorless. The photograph was taken by a low end smartphone only, OPPO A3S which actually has unsatisfying lens, even though many writing said differently.

I took it just because I was so bored when visiting my brother in law new house.

But, this picture became quite special, at least for me, because it has brought me a job, a small one to make photographs for a housing complex.

I am not sure the reason for the person to hire me but it showed me that anything can happen in this world.

It raises my spirit to keep capturing photos about anything and share them in this blog, because perhaps, somehwere out there can appreciate my photos, even only one or two persons.

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