Sunrise Is Always A Sellable Merchandise

Angkor Wat, 2019 One of the truth and undeniable facts in the world is that sun rises on the East. Everywhere, people will see this and most of them love it. However, people are known to be greedy creatures, especially for the one they like. … Read more

A Sweet Small Distraction From Dullness Can Cheer Up Your Day

At the beginning, visiting the famous Angkor Wat, the Capital Temple in Cambodia was so overwhelming and exciting. Seeing one World Heritage by your own eyes caused my heart beating a bit faster than usual. I couldn’t stop shake my head for in amazement with … Read more

We Love Artificial Beauty More And More

In Frame : Friska Molena . Location : Angkor Wat Don’t you think so ? Don’t you think that people in current society tend to love artificial beauty more and more.If you don’t, please just ask ourselves how many times we give “thumb” or “like” … Read more

Motorcycle Is A Multi-Purpose Vehicle

Humor Mode : ON MPV (Multi-purpose Vehicle) Car is one of the most popular vehicle sold around the world. But, visiting Siem Reap, Cambodia and also living in Indonesia, I questioned the need to produce such big car because there is one smaller vehicle who … Read more

Small Is Beautiful, Many Times

Angkor Wat, 2019 It doesn’t mean that big is not beautiful. No, it is not. Many times, as well, big people look fabulous also in frame. However, many times,  I as an amateur photographer face with a difficulty when capturing a landscape because it looks … Read more