Apppreciate The Beauties Surrounding You Anytime

Bogor Palace Frontyard 2017 Nowadays, people tend to spend more money to buy “experience” than what people from the past did. Leisure shopping, is the term, has been adopted by more and more people in the world. They prefer to save their money with the … Read more

Seeing The Struggle of Other Human Being Is Never Easy

Becak – Bogor 2017 People may think that street photography genre is fun to do. No money to pay as the objects are available free in public area. Not too many tools , like tripod or expensive lenses have to be bought. You can use … Read more

Streets Not Only For Cars, Motorcyles, Or Vehicles

Wrong. Absolutely wrong. If you think that streets are made for cars, motorcyles, or other vehicles, allow me to say, politely, that it is incorrect. For sure, I know what laws say. I am not too dumb not to be able to read or understand … Read more

Perfectly Sexy Lady Does Not Always Attract Men

Bali 2016 – Kuta Street Men, majority of them, are always attracted by sexy ladies, especially with a perfect body. That’s normal. That’s also the reason behind willingness of companies to pay big bucks to lady with perfect body shape. That’s why women like Kendall … Read more

Selfie Is The New Core of Traveling

Bali 2016 – Tanah Lot Beach, Bali In the past, traveling was a way to explore of the unknown. It was also one way to escape from your routine and get refreshed. Some others will use it to have quality time with their family. But.. … Read more