One Bad Habit a Photography Enthusiast Usually Has

Rangda – The symbol og eveil in Barong Dance Show, Bali It is quite true. Very trua actually. A camera brings one bad habit, especially for anyone who decides to include themselves into photography enhtusiast category. The bad habit is that they can’t enjoy anything … Read more

Photography Is For Everybody

Despite of what many people believe that photography is just for the ones who learn it for artistic purpose, I do believe that photography is for everybody. Anyone who can use a camera deserves to have a title of “photographer” attached to them. Definitely. Photography … Read more

Becak Driver Waiting For Passenger

Knowing the fact about the fate of becak, which is near the end, I can’t help wondering what was in the mind of the driver. He was sitting inside becak’s cabin staring at something which I didn’t know what. Is it possible that he was … Read more

How Smartphone Changes My Shopping Life

I don’t like shopping. Tiring and it drains my wallet so fast. It can make my monthly salary reaches critical level too early and cause headache. Many times, I am faced with difficult condition because my wife, of course a woman, likes it a lot. … Read more